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AQUAREHAB is a EU  financed large scale research project (FP7 ENV 2008. that is being coordinated by VITO involving a consortium of 19 partners. The project started 1st May 2009 and will last 56 months until 2013.

The project will develop innovative rehabilitation technologies for soil, groundwater and surface water to cope with a number of different priority contaminants (nitrates, pesticides, chlorinated compounds, aromatic compounds, mixed pollutions…) within heavily degraded water systems. Methods will be developed to determine the (long-term) impact of the innovative rehabilitation technologies to reduce pollution to river and groundwater receptors.

The project will promote the uptake of successful technologies for use in river basin management measures. One of the major outcomes of the project will be a generic river basin management tool that assesses the ecological and economical impact of rehabilitation technologies on the water system at both local and regional scales. 

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