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Fate modles

Fate models simulate the behavior and movement of chemicals at the watershed scale in the soil-groundwater-surface water continuum. Well-known examples of fate models at the river basin scale are SWAT, MIKE-SHE, MODHMS and HYDROGEOSPHERE. Whereas SWAT uses simplified hydrological process description and management-oriented, the other models are explicitly modeling water flow and chemical transport in loosely coupled or fully coupled soil, groundwater and surface water compartments. Data requirements and expert knowledge for the latter are considerably high and their application is mainly on well characterized and relatively small catchments.

Watershed fate models behind REACHER DSS.
In the Aquarehab project:

  • SWAT was used and adapted to accommodate for artificial drainage and wetlands. SWAT was applied to the Odense river catchment

  • A new conceptual modeling platform programmed in PCRASTER – Python, SECOMSA, was developed to account for multiple sources (point sources, diffuse sources) and multiple mitigation measures in the catchment (wetlands, riparian zones, connection households to waste water treatment, cattle reduction) and to model the impact of the measures on water quality at the outlet of the subbasin. The model was calibrated and evaluated for the Scheldt river basin.