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Patented products

Three products developed within the AQUAREHAB project have been filed for patents.

  • New type of zerovalent iron (ZVI) – WP5
    • Filed by Höganäs and VITO
    • tested within AQUAREHAB in numerous laboratory scale tests and three field applications for the degradation of chlorinated compounds.
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  • A nano-sized iron oxide that is an injectable reactive particle – WP5
    • Filed by Helmholz Zentrum Munich
    • The iron oxide particles were tested at the laboratory scale to stimulate the biodegradation of BTEX-compounds.
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  • An in-situ sensors to detect magnetic particles such as zerovalent iron (ZVI) – WP5
    • Filed by the University of Stuttgart.
    • The performance of the in-situ sensors was evaluated in large laboratory facilities and in two field AQUAREHAB injections using direct push and microscale zerovalent iron particles (mZVIs)
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