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Up to now, eight editions of the AQUAREHAB newsletter were prepared. Each edition comprised a general introduction to the project, more detailed information on technology and modeling developments for 2 WPs, AQUAREHAB papers that were published, announcements.


Edition 1: October 2009

  • General introduction to AQUAREHAB project.

Edition 2: June 2010

  • WP4 (multibarrier technology) and
  • news from the field (= introduction to field cases)

Edition 3: December 2010

  • Technology developments & modelling developments related to WP1 (activated riparian zones) and WP5 (injectable Fe-based reactive particles)

Edition 4: July 2011

  • Technology and modelling developments within WP2 (activated drains with tailored carrier/bacteria) and WP3 (activated hyporeic zone)

Edition 5: July 2012

  • Modelling developments within WP7 (technology numerical models) and WP6 ( river basin management tools – REACHER)

Edition 6: June 2013

  • Conclusions from the discussion session with stakeholders ( comprising policy makers) at the Barcelona workshop September 2012 jointly with the AQUAREHAB external dissemination event.

Edition 7: October 2013

  • Extrapolation cases that were defined within AQUAREHAB (WP8)

Edition 8: February 2014

  • Major outcomes of the AQUAREHAB project
  • Reflection on last AQUAREHAB meeting & second AQUAREHAB conference